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Six ridiculous excuses for risking your life on the training estate

A Byway Open To All Traffic sign on Salisbury Plain. [Crown Copyright, MOD]

Last week we looked at some ways to risk your life on the Defence training estate. When we catch people ignoring the rules, they use a variety of excuses for their actions. Here's a countdown of some of the more ridiculous we’ve come …

How to risk your life on the military training estate

Cartoon from Reynolds News, 1941, showing someone picnicing in front of a line of tanks

We want people to enjoy the military training estate, but it can be a dangerous place if you don't follow the rules. There are a number of ways you can put your life at risk and here's a few of …

From new jetties to nurseries - a year in Defence infrastructure

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A summary of some of the bigger DIO success stories from year. [Crown Copyright/MOD 2017]

It has been another busy and varied year for DIO. As well as marking annual events, like last month’s Sanctuary Awards, which you’ll know all about if you’ve been reading our blog, we have also celebrated important milestones like the …

Army Basing Masterplan to build sustainable communities and homes

Dr Sue Jordan at Bulford [Crown Copyright, MOD 2017]

My name is Sue Jordan, Senior Environmental Manager in DIO Safety, Environment and Engineering.  My colleagues and I work on a range of initiatives that protect and enhance the MOD estate worldwide.  My blog explains the range of partnership working …

New nurseries supporting forces families in Cyprus

Commander British Forces Opens Nursery at RAF Akrotiri [MOD 2017]

Living and working abroad can be exciting but it can also be challenging.  DIO is responsible for looking after personnel and their families who are serving both at home and abroad.  DIO has personnel serving all over the world in …