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For Sale: One Explosives Storage Area

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For sale: 1950s property with plenty of history and character. Great transport links but in need of some renovation. I should mention that it spent 40 years storing explosives.

Hi, I’m Suzy Fox and I work in DIO’s Disposals team. The military estate is vast and varied and not all of it is still required, so my team’s job is to manage the sale of parts of the estate which have been deemed surplus to defence requirements.

It could be a parcel of land, a whole base - recent DIO sales include RAF Kirton in Lindsay, RAF Church Fenton and Minley Manor - or part of a larger site.  I’m responsible for a number of ongoing disposals but one of the more unusual ones at the moment is the sale of the former explosives storage area near RAF Mildenhall.

Overhead plan of the Explosives Storage Area, near RAF Mildenhall. [Crown Copyright/MOD2015]
Overhead plan of the Explosives Storage Area, near RAF Mildenhall. [Crown Copyright/MOD2015]

Explosive Storage Area

The RAF base is currently used by the US Air Force (USAF) but the sale of the Explosives Storage Area is unconnected to the recent announcement that the USAF will be leaving RAF Mildenhall. The Explosives Storage Area, two miles north of the main base, has been disused for a number of years. It was built on agricultural land in 1955 to allow the storage of ammunition for RAF Mildenhall.

At 16.86 hectares, the site is about the size of 16 international rugby union pitches. There are 18 buildings, most of which are the former ammunition stores with brick walls and reinforced concrete roofs. The others are accommodation blocks, and there are also water reservoirs dotted around. The rest of the site is made up of trees, grassy areas and roads linking the buildings.

A view of the site, which has been unoccupied for some years. [Crown Copyright/MOD2015]
A view of the site, which has been unoccupied for some years. [Crown Copyright/MOD2015]

Whoever buys it can be certain that the site will be very secure – given the nature of an explosives storage area, it is naturally surrounded by fencing and access is via security gates. Though there hasn’t been any ammunition there for two decades, when there was, security was understandably paramount. Even after that, nobody wants trespassers.

To minimise ongoing costs, the site has been disconnected from water, electricity and phone lines since it closed.

The site is currently up for sale and is being marketed by our agents, GVA. It’s an unusual place so hopefully it will attract a lot of interest! To aid potential buyers, we’ve conducted various surveys, including an Asbestos Management Survey, Explosive Ordnance Survey, Land Quality Assessment and even a Newt Survey, so any purchaser knows what they’re getting.

Claiming Clawback

In common with all MOD disposals, the money raised by the sale will be used to support defence priorities, and there’s also a provision called clawback. This means that if purchasers obtain planning approval which increases the value of the land in the 20 years following the sale, the purchasers agree to pay DIO 50% of the increase in value. It’s a standard clause in our disposal contracts. This way, we don’t miss out on any financial benefits of future development of land we’ve sold and is another way for us to financially support defence priorities.

If you’re in the market for an unusual property with plenty of history, the Mildenhall Explosives Storage Area might just be for you!

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  1. Comment by Richard Killean posted on

    Hi Suzy,
    I would be interested in talking to you regarding sale of disused property.
    Please call me on 07720 813777

    Richard Killean
    c/o Osborne Infrastructure

    • Replies to Richard Killean>

      Comment by Tony Moran posted on

      Hi Richard

      Thanks for your interest. Enquiries need to go through our agents, GVA. Please contact Andrew Moss on 0121 609 8398.

      Kind regards

  2. Comment by Bernard Swaine posted on

    If I was purchasing that storage site I would expect to profit from the purchase outright by developing the site by building housing etc subject to planning permission and not have the MOD or Defence Estates claw back any future rise in value of the land or properties built on it.

    After all if you bought a property outright or with a mortgage any future rise it its value is yours and no the person developer you bought it from

  3. Comment by robert gridley posted on

    how do i get list of all land propertys mod foe r sale

  4. Comment by James Donnelly posted on

    Hi Suzy

    Firstly can you tell me if this property is still for sale.
    Secondly if it is still available what sort of price are you looking for.
    Thirdly are the buildings on site intact.

  5. Comment by kevin wilson posted on

    Hi Suzy-Is this property still available for sale.

    • Replies to kevin wilson>

      Comment by DIO Communications Team posted on

      Hi Kevin

      The site was sold last year. Thanks for your interest.

      • Replies to DIO Communications Team>

        Comment by kevin wilson posted on

        Hi-Thanks for reply-I would be interested in similar types of MOD properties in future
        ideal in Northern England.

  6. Comment by Vincent posted on

  7. Comment by J Potter posted on

    can I please ask if you have a register I can go on to be able to see all army property that is being sold.

  8. Comment by Steen Parish posted on

    I wish to make a specific enquiry about an disused MOD property. Can you please direct me to a person able to assist. Thanks.

  9. Comment by Steen Parish posted on

    Would you be able to email me directly at

  10. Comment by Bill Guy posted on

    Please could you advise me on any explosive storage sites available in Essex and surrounding areas for sale
    Much appreciated
    Bill [surname and phone number removed by Admin]


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