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DIO Communications Team

From commercial strategies to kiwis, looking back at 2018

An F-35 landing vertically onto a new landing pad at RAF Marham. The aircraft is a few feet above the ground.

What has DIO been up to in 2018? Heres our summary of some of the key moments of the year, from the RAF and Royal Navy's new F-35 aircraft landing on our new vertical landing pads for the first time to launching our Commercial Strategy.

Six ridiculous excuses for risking your life on the training estate

A Byway Open To All Traffic sign on Salisbury Plain. [Crown Copyright, MOD]

Last week we looked at some ways to risk your life on the Defence training estate. When we catch people ignoring the rules, they use a variety of excuses for their actions. Here's a countdown of some of the more ridiculous we’ve come …

How people risk their lives on the military training estate

Cartoon from Reynolds News, 1941, showing someone picnicing in front of a line of tanks

We want people to enjoy the military training estate, but it can be a dangerous place if you don't follow the rules. There are a number of ways you can put your life at risk and here's a few of …

From IRA attacks to escorting the Queen: 25 years of the MOD Guard Service

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Today, access control systems are much more sophisticated. [Crown Copyright/MOD]

1st October marked the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Ministry of Defence Guard Service, (MGS), the specialist unarmed guards who provide security at many MOD sites. To mark the occasion, two MGS guards who have worked at MGS …