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International Men’s Day: Ronnie’s journey with cancer and PTSD

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Image of Ronnie Patterson with the quote "Having the support of my family, friends and colleagues aided my recovery. It also helps to talk about my journey."

Ronnie Patterson is a trainer for the MOD Guard Service (MGS). Before joining the DIO, Ronnie served in the Forces for 12 years, seeing action in the Gulf War and in Northern Ireland. He then had a successful career as …

From IRA attacks to escorting the Queen: 25 years of the MOD Guard Service

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Today, access control systems are much more sophisticated. [Crown Copyright/MOD]

1st October marked the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Ministry of Defence Guard Service, (MGS), the specialist unarmed guards who provide security at many MOD sites. To mark the occasion, two MGS guards who have worked at MGS …