How DIO supports our Armed Forces customers

Pictured are a range of old empty buildings with open windows and fields around them to allow the Armed Forces to carry out vital training.
Copehill Down village at Salisbury Plain provides our Armed Forces customers with the facilities they need to train effectively. [Crown Copyright/MOD 2018]
This week is National Customer Service Week and to celebrate we’d like to reflect on the vital work that DIO, our contractors, suppliers and industry partners do to provide our customers with the services they need to live, work, train and deploy all over the world.

Our customers are made up of the Armed Forces including the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force and the Joint Forces Command. As well as Service personnel and their families, our customers also include MOD staff and locally employed civilians. We are proud of the continued progress we have made in becoming a safety conscious, professional and expert advisor to Defence with an engaged, customer-focused and motivated workforce.

Services we provide

DIO provides a wide range of services and good customer service is at the heart of what we do. We have a customer support team which engages with our customers, and continually looks at ways to improve our service through increasing efficiency, providing quality advice, innovation and listening to customer feedback. They also provide crucial financial data and information on the condition of the Defence estate to help other Defence organisations such as the Army make decisions.

We are responsible for a wide range of activities, from ensuring our Service personnel are fed, through to providing our troops with a safe place to train. DIO provides hundreds of thousands of meals every month across the UK.  We keep our customers safe through the MOD Guard Service which has 2,200 unarmed guards providing security at over 118 sites.

We also provide hard and soft facilities management (FM) including internet services, offices that are fit for purpose, cleaning services and accommodation services.

Accommodation services

Providing good quality accommodation to our Armed Forces and their families is a priority for MOD and DIO. Our accommodation team works with our industry partner Amey to support families by providing accommodation which meets their needs, is properly maintained and provides a repair and maintenance service. Amey provides a 24-hour helpdesk, 365 days a year to answer queries from customers.

Pictured is a service family accommodation house with a tree covering the right-hand side of it. There are four windows and the front door is black and sticks out.
A service family accommodation home at Bannachra Drive in Helesburgh [Crown Copyright/MOD 2018]
Between April 2018 and April 2019, we’ve maintained 58,000 service family homes across the UK and 145,000 single bed spaces worldwide. Amey also undertook 766,389 maintenance jobs across service family accommodation including plumbing, fixing boilers and carrying out paintwork.

Around £116 million is being spent on improvements to 3,800 properties which this year will include 1,400 new bathrooms, 1,100 new kitchens, 180 new boilers, 600 replacement doors and windows and 600 new roofs.

Supporting military training

We support Defence in a variety of ways and providing a safe and well-maintained training facilities for our Armed Forces is one of them. Over 7 million training days are organised every year to allow for soldiers to carry out important training. Our local and employed civilians also provide maintenance services to the Army Training units in Belize, Canada, and Kenya.

Providing quality customer service and enabling our Armed Forces to live, work, train and deploy overseas is at the centre of what we do and we are proud to reflect on this during National Customer Service Week.




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    The correct order to list the three Service should be - Royal Navy, Army then RAF - this is due to the year of establishment.


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