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Health and safety

It really is a jungle out there - Keeping troops safe in Belize

Alan Grant, MBE SCOTS, DIO Training Safety Officer in Belize [Crown Copyright, MOD 2018]

I am Major Alan Grant MBE SCOTS.  Currently I’m posted to Belize with DIO Range Control as the Training Safety Officer (TSO) in support of the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) and I love my job. This is …

Six ridiculous excuses for risking your life on the training estate

A Byway Open To All Traffic sign on Salisbury Plain. [Crown Copyright, MOD]

Last week we looked at some ways to risk your life on the Defence training estate. When we catch people ignoring the rules, they use a variety of excuses for their actions. Here's a countdown of some of the more ridiculous we’ve come …

Training and the Rain on the Plain: Working at Salisbury Plain Training Area

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I'm Major Alistair Rule and I work as one of two Training Safety Officers on Salisbury Plain. That means I'm responsible for ensuring safe and sustainable training on Salisbury Plain. My colleague mostly oversees training on the firing ranges and I deal with …